Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fuck you: The Spazcam and Peter Berg

There is no bigger pet peeve of mine in movies than the spaz cam shaky effect. Ya know, when the result you get when the director has decided to tether the camera to a dog who suffers from chronic epilepsy. I don't mind it so much when it's integral to the story (Cloverfield, The Blair Witch Project) but I abso-fucking-lutely go on a rampage when it's used just cause the director thinks it's edgy and meant to translate the intensity of the moment. I don't even know why they do that. Steadicam that shit up!

Peter Berg, I'm talking to you.

You're one of the biggest offenders here. Whatever appeal Hancock had was destroyed when I couldn't look at Jason Bateman without the camera spazzing out every two seconds. Twitchy McGee wants you to quit that bull pronto. Now I'm trying to watch the pilot of Friday Night Lights and what do I see? Spazzy cam action. And whose name do I see credited as director? Oh my fucking god. The only reason I caught it even though the camera was whizzing this way round was cause of the print.

Get thee to a tripod, stat!

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