Thursday, July 3, 2008

Loving these links: Lists and heinous evil people.

We're halfway into 2008 and film sites and blogs have started listing out the best films of the year so far. Via ONTD, Movie City News makes me feel bad for bludging and missing out on catching Paranoid Park when it was screening. At least we're on the same side of the fence when it comes to Indy #4: Let's See How Much Fanboys Will Eat This Up.

And on the Film Experience Blog, Nathaniel R has attempted some subjectivity when weighing in on the film version of Sex and the City and how it rates against the other films that have come out thus far. With news of a big-screen version of Friends in the works, you have to wonder where movie producers will draw the line when using abusing nostalgia to springboard film ideas. Oh wait, they're making motherfucking Thor, who as a non-active comic book reader, rates about a negative 700 on the interesting scale level. In Internet speak, "OIC", just about correctly sums up my feelings.


And just when you think that co-worker or neighbour of yours is the most evil person since Josef Fritzel (how's that for an updated analogy)
, read about how some fuckwit has stolen the gravestone of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division here. All he or she needs to do now is to put it up for sale on eBay to deservedly receive the title of 'Bastard of the Year'.

And proving that Joe Simpson, father to the two Simpson girls, is the biggest skeeze in overbearing celebrity parents, even more so than Dina Lohan who's currently hawking out her youngest daughter on a television program or even Jelena Dokic and her angry, angry father, here's what he had to say when news reached him that Jessica had topped the poll of 'Best Breasts in Hollywood':
"She's got double-Ds! You can't cover those suckers up."

There's supportive and then there's prime-example-of-why-people-shouldn't-have-kids! Guess which side of the line Joe Simpson falls on?

These people prove that in choosing to put my faith in humanity, I have shot myself in the foot, the ass, the brain and oh god, why couldn't I have been religious instead?? In other words, I have absolutely fucked myself over.


Finally, Entertainment Weekly has released their list of Top 25 Funniest People in America. For the most part, I think most of the people on that list deserves to be there, perhaps not in the order EW has cast them in, but then again comedy is such a subjective topic. While broad gags brings the funny for some, others might prefer the awkward, situational kind.

With regards to their commentary on number one, '
Can you even remember what movie comedy looked like before [I'll leave you unspoiled] came along last summer?', my answer is, "Yes, I can. They were called the Frat Pack. And before that, they went by the name Farrelly Brothers but if you want to be super old school, comedy went (and still goes) by the name Mel Brooks." Suffice to say that I'm not entirely happy with who EW has picked for number one. But it's pointless to debate it. I'll make my own damn list, thank you very much.

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