Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quick-view: Where when you have nothing nice to say, you just point out your observations and other stuff

Not relevant spoilers to the plot ahead.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Where in all the hot guys bar John Cleese dies. Yeah, I didn't know John Cleese was in this movie either. Although one has to wonder, for a movie that preaches what it preaches, why is practically every car featured a gas guzzler?

Yes Man

As impractical, implausible and impossible this movie is, it's still fairly entertaining. Especially more so because of this scene:

Helps if you really like or know about music from the '90s.


yiqin; said...

I LOVED YES MAN! Especially when Norman called him Car. Hahaha but TDTESS was dissapointing. The ending :(

Adeline said...

Jim Schembri described Keanu Reeves as doing what he was born to do while The Herald Sun claimed they always knew he was an alien.

I found their comments highly appropos in this context. Lol.

Though I must commend Keanu for his decent Mandarin conversation. The best since Gustaf Graves (why do I remember his name?!) from Die Another Day's attempt at Korean. I remember we both gave him props for his commendable effort...

Adeline said...

I know it's been aeons since you posted this but I only just recently watched Yes Man (regret). Props to the excellent, EXCELLENT use of Jumper for that ledge scene. Never has a piece of 90s music been so relevant to movie making...